The Kai Lightner Profile – Potential Gold Medalist

Eight-time national champion. Three-time IFSC Youth World Championship medalist. 5.14 climber. Olympic hopeful.

Source: Generation 5.16: The Kai Lightner Profile

We know many of you that visit this site are only half interested in many of the sports that we cover, but that’s the point isn’t it?  We want to bring you the fast updates of sports that peak your interest but you don’t have the time to commit to dive down that rabbit hole.

Today we bring you an important name in the climbing world, his write up in Climbing Magazine and why you should at least put his name in the back of your head.  There is a good chance that he will not only represent the US in the 2020 Olympic Games but that he will bring home the gold as well!

To all of you non-climbers out there, consider yourself as having been put on notice.