Vans BMX Pro Cup Series – World Championship Event Results

Vans BMX Pro Cup Series World Championships Final Results –

1. Dennis Enarson

2. Larry Edgar

3. Kevin Peraza

4. Kris Fox

5. Gary Young

6. Matt Cordova

7. Daniel Sandoval

8. Clint Reynolds

9. Corey Bohan

10. Ben Wallace

Best Trick – Maxime Charveron with a transfer from side of wedge to back wall quarter.

Best Line – Dennis Enarson with a massive hip transfer into the deep end.

High Air – Larry Edgar

Vans BMX Pro Cup Huntington Beach Women’s Results –

1. Hannah Roberts

2. Macarena Perez

3. Nikki Wetzel

4. Perris Benegas

5. Nina Buitrago

6. Teresa Azcoaga

7. Angie Marino

8. Ellie Chew

9. Jesse Gregory

10. Dani Windhausen

Best Trick – Nikki Wetzel with a fastplant transfer.

Top Ten Of 2016 – Most Viewed Instagram Videos | Ride BMX

2016 is done. Finished. Over. Well…we still have a few days for some more bad shit to happen. But, forgoing our tradition of compiling the “most liked in

Source: Top Ten Of 2016 – Most Viewed Instagram Videos | Ride BMX

It’s amazing what gets the views these days, and it’s the views that are sought after.  Social media has allowed niche sports the ability to get the coverage that main stream media has never really stepped in to do.

We don’t always agree with what gets the views and we definitely do not condone trying any of these stunts to get your own views, but here are the top 10 Instagram videos in BMX Freestyle from 2016.



Scotty Cranmer Update #4.  Straight from Scotty’s YouTube Channel.  Scotty is an incredible rider, person and husband.  His will and work ethic will bring him out of this.

Published on Nov 14, 2016

Well guys, I was at the hospital one day and Scotty said grab the camera we are doing this. He is ready to talk to you all about the crash and is ready to take all of you on the journey with him. This guy is incredible and I know he can do anything that he sets his mind to and with all of your guys help he will recover faster than ever.


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