The Kai Lightner Profile – Potential Gold Medalist

Eight-time national champion. Three-time IFSC Youth World Championship medalist. 5.14 climber. Olympic hopeful.

Source: Generation 5.16: The Kai Lightner Profile

We know many of you that visit this site are only half interested in many of the sports that we cover, but that’s the point isn’t it?  We want to bring you the fast updates of sports that peak your interest but you don’t have the time to commit to dive down that rabbit hole.

Today we bring you an important name in the climbing world, his write up in Climbing Magazine and why you should at least put his name in the back of your head.  There is a good chance that he will not only represent the US in the 2020 Olympic Games but that he will bring home the gold as well!

To all of you non-climbers out there, consider yourself as having been put on notice.

Effort to shrink Bears Ears National Monument started before Donald Trump was elected president

Washington • Before Bears Ears National Monument existed, there were already efforts to get rid of it.

Source: Effort to shrink Bears Ears National Monument started before Donald Trump was elected president

We’ve been following what we will refer to as The Bears Ears Situation for a while now.  We feel that we have finally found enough facts, or at least “sides to the story” to report on the situation.

We have chosen to link out to the article from The Salt Lake Tribune for just this reason.  So much of the controversy has become a “Trump vs. Conservationalists” discussion that we wanted to include what happened before Trump and move the issue away from whether or not you “hate or love” our current President.

Note:  Native Tribes pushed the Obama administration to create Bears Ears to preserve their history, culture, way of life and to give them more of voice in the management of this land.

Note:  Utah is a largely Republican state with many elected officials being upset that Obama was probably going to designate the Bears Ears Monument against the State of Utah’s wishes.  They viewed this as a federal land grab that infringed on their States Rights to manage the land as they wish.

Note: The creation of the Bears Ears monument was known to be probably before Obama left office but after Trump was elected president.  The referenced article explains how Utah officials started lobbying Trump before he even took office.

Note:  Speaking of lobbying, at least on uranium mining company, Energy Fuels Resources (USA) Inc. launched a concerted lobbying campaign to scale back Bears Ears National Monument.  According to the Washington Post, the nation’s sole uranium processing mill sits directly next to the boundaries that President Obama designated only a year ago Source Link

Note: Trump has stated that he is “only giving the land back to Utah as they will be better able to manage it” and he “righting an overreach of the federal government”

The above information leaves us with many questions that we are still deliberating on.

  1.  What is the roll of conservation vs the creation of jobs in the energy sector?
  2.  Is this an issue of States Rights or States not recognizing Tribal Rights and the Federal Government stepping in ensure Tribal protection?
  3. Should the Federal Government be responsible for ensuring conservation of anything?  Should we become more and more reliant on them to protect what we feel is important at the extent where they continue to have more and more power?
  4. Should people as whole become more pro-active in the efforts they believe in such as to influence local/state level representatives and even companies so that conservation is more important to everybody?
  5. Our favorite major-level response to all of this is from the beginning when apparel company Patagonia boycotted the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake because Utah officials called on President Trump to repeal the Bears Ears Monument.

In the end, it is our opinion that the only vote that really counts in the vote you make with your dollar.  If you hit someone in the pocketbook hard enough they will listen.  But it takes lot’s of people together to hit the pocket books hard enough to change the mind of party oriented elected officials on either side of the isle.  In Utah’s case it will come down to their economy.

Is recreation and conservation worth more money to the state, localities and local economy than the energy sector?

Angy Eiter Becomes the First Woman to Climb 5.15b 

After working the route over two years, Angy Eiter has completed La Planta de Shiva (9b/5.15b).

Source: Angy Eiter Becomes the First Woman to Climb 5.15b (Story + Photo Gallery)

Scanning through Climbing Magazine online we found this article about Angy Eiter.  Taking her two years to master, through a torn hamstring and broken holds the article does a great job at articulating the drive it took Angy to make this historic assent.   Hit the source link to read the full article.

Rocktoberfest – Event Info Page

This is the biggest RRGCC fundraiser of the year and is what enables the RRGCC to make their mortgage payments and to save money for future purchases. The event runs Friday through Sunday and consists of sponsor booths with the latest gear, raffles and contests for prizes, a movie, live music, food trucks, crate stacking, a climbing competition, and clinics taught by professional athletes.

Source: Rocktoberfest – Red River Gorge Climbers’ Coalition

If you are a rock climber, recreationally or professionally you have no doubt heard of Rocktoberfest at the Red River Gorge.

Use the Source Link to head over the Red River Gorge Climbers’ Coalition website for all of the event info including dates, times, locations and pricing.

See you there!

2017 USA Climbing National Rankings

Rank Competitor Points Rank Competitor Points
1 Raboutou, Shawn 404 1 Puccio, Alex 600
2 Lightner, Kai 311 2 Raboutou, Brooke 330
3 Coleman, Nathaniel 288 3 Condie, Kyra 317
4 Milburn, Nicholas 272 4 Canavan, Lily 185
5 Landman, Tyler 200 5 Martin, Meagan 172
6 Traversi, Carlo 197 6 Pietras, Kasia 171
7 Fultz, Matt 196 7 Shiraishi, Ashima 160
8 Moroni, Gabriele 180 8 Grossman, Natalia 134
9 Geiman, Austin 173 9 Payne, Angie 130
10 Bailey, Sean 165 10 Mascarenas, Megan 128
11 Aleksei Rubtsov 130 11 Lynch, Megan 123
12 Woods, Daniel 129 12 McKeehan, Grace 117
13 Lamb, Andy 126 13 Mascarenas, Alexis 114
14 O’Rourke, Michael 109 14 Kiersch, Michaela 110
15 Speranza, Dom 102 15 Noble, Stella 109
16 Bunker, Dalton 99 16 Madere, Maya 103
17 Hanna, Benjamin 96 17 Pearce, Sarah 100
18 Cardwell, Jon 90 18 Morris, Maddy 95
19 Messer, Shane 88 19 Steinberg, Zoe 87
20 Zerr, Joel 78 20 Hayes, Margo 86
21 Waterhouse, Alex 74 20 O’Brien, Ariana 86
22 Ruana, Rudolph 68 22 Perkins, Victoria 79
23 Barth, Solomon 66 23 Blair-Coyle, Sierra 68
24 Kuhnel, Martin 63 24 Buhrfeind, Claire 62
25 Jafari Mahmodabadi 58 25 Rennie, Molly 58
26 Londrey, Matt 47 26 Leibovitch, Zoe 50
26 Copeland, Ryan 47 27 Neahring, Lila 49
28 Chen, Rowland 43 28 Humphreys, Lucy 47
28 Cardwell, Jon 43 29 Williams, Nina 44
30 Larsen, Palmer 38 30 Horstmann, Bimini 40
31 Popowski, Daniel 36 31 Gaynor, Molly 39
32 Schreiber, Charlie 34 32 Gifford, Isabel 37
32 Huang, Brian 34 33 Barrientos, Isabel 34
34 Hibbeler, Simon 32 34 Kline, Wrigley 31
34 Dixon, Peter 32 34 Hopkins, Stephanie 31
36 Anglin, William 31 36 Miller, Audrey 28
37 Picarella, Nick 28 37 Brownstein, Amanda 26
37 Levin, Josh 28 38 Gitman-Schulte, Yael 24
37 Gurzi, Connor 28 39 Talbot, Julia 22
40 Enright, Sam 26 39 Ogier, Riley 22
41 Hunt, Ethan 24 41 Chulich, Lisa 20
41 Antheunisse, Brian 24 42 Sarno, Sarah 18
43 Romig, Jordan 23 42 Ogier, Olivia 18
44 Muehring, Luke 22 42 Carroll, Chauncey 18
44 Cohn, Augy 22 45 Melton, Laurel 16
46 McColl, Sean 20 45 Brumm, Sue 16
46 Larson, Josh 20 45 Bank, Georgia 16
48 Kenny, Matthew 19 48 Tholander, Asia 14
49 Taravella, Owen 16 48 Miller, Delaney 14
49 Sloane, Everett 16 50 Scharenberg, Samantha 10
49 Huse, Canon 16 51 Karnis, Bronwen 4
49 Cookson, Emmett 16
53 Astesano, Alex 14
54 Zapata-Bolduc, Michael 12
54 Gordon, Clay 12
54 Dudley, Levi 12
57 Ridge, Noah 10
57 Muir, Duncan 10
57 Martins, Daniel 10
60 Keyes, Jordan 9
61 Goodacre, Joe 8
62 Hansel, Austin 7
63 Walker, Jess 6
63 Sanchez, Lex 6
65 Shahin, Ziad 5
66 Puccio, Shane 4
66 Diaz, Joseph 4
66 Chase, Billy 4
69 Gaylord, Hank 2
70 Sanders, Mercotti 1

2017 Bouldering Open National Championships – Results

Source: 2017 Bouldering Open National Championships

2017 Bouldering Open National Championships

Rank Climber Tops Points Pr 1 Pr 2 Pr 3 Pr 4
1 Alex Puccio 3 1.78 1 2.5 4 1
2 Ashima Shiraishi 3 3.11 5 2.5 1.5 5
3 Brooke Raboutou 3 3.81 6 2.5 4 3.5
4 Michaela Kiersch 3 4.56 3 6 4 6
5 Kyra Condie 2 3.66 3 5 6 2
6 Megan Mascarenas 2 4 7 7 1.5 3.5
7 Margo Hayes 2 4.96 3 2.5 9 9
8 Grace McKeehan 7.73 8.5 8 7.5 7
9 Lily Canavan 8.23 8.5 9 7.5 8
Rank Climber Tops Points Pr 1 Pr 2 Pr 3 Pr 4
1 Nathaniel Coleman 4 1.93 3.5 2 2 1
2 Kai Lightner 4 3.12 3.5 2 4.5 3
3 Aleksei Rubtsov 3 3.46 8 4.5 2 2
4 Sean Bailey 3 4.23 3.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
5 Shawn Raboutou 2 3.35 7 2 2 4.5
6 Nicholas Milburn 2 5.63 3.5 6 8 6
7 Andy Lamb 1 6.29 3.5 7 8 8
8 Tyler Landman 1 6.48 3.5 9 8 7
9 Alex Waterhouse 1 7.9 9 8 6 9

This Ice Climber Explains How To Have Adventures While Still Keeping Your Day Job The everywoman adventurer- The Red Bulletin

25-year-old old Victoria Valchev is all about ice-climbing, but not at the expense of her real job.

Source: This Ice Climber Explains How To Have Adventures While Still Keeping Your Day Job The everywoman adventurer- The Red Bulletin


Strong Women have been standing up everywhere and this is something to be proud of!  As a person who has a young daughter, roll models that show women can do and accomplish anything are very important in our daily lives.

Check the full article #inspirational

Clark County Files Action in Red Rock Development Dispute 

According to Save Red Rock, Clark County has filed a preemptive lawsuit in an attempt to silence opposition to a proposed development plan.

Source: Clark County Files Action in Red Rock Development Dispute – Climbing Magazine | Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Bouldering, Ice Climbing

It is our opinion that greed will be the downfall of our beautiful rural areas no matter where they are located.  In this article found in Climbing Magazine online, the matter of development near Red Rock Canyon is discussed and a link to sign a petition is included.

Please, take a moment to sign the petition and keep the populations in the cities.  Our stance is Build Highrises Not Sub-Divisions.

Unbelayvable: A Missed Catch – Climbing Magazine

“My left hand was on a bomber jug. Then the bomber jug unexpectedly came out of the wall. I don’t remember anything after this point.”

Source: Unbelayvable: A Missed Catch – Climbing Magazine | Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Bouldering, Ice Climbing

Normally, we don’t share Unbelayvable stories, but this one is both terrifying and educational while still having a happy ending.  It’s a quick read, but worth scaring yourself with the story of someone else’s reality than with your own near death experience.

The Mind Game: How to Overcome Fear – Climbing Magazine | Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Bouldering, Ice Climbing

After a near-death climbing experience, I was inspired to dig deeper into the psychology of fear and find out what I could learn about its effect on performance, how it wells up in the first place, and what we can do to deal with it. What I found will take your climbing to the next level—and could save your life.

Source: The Mind Game: How to Overcome Fear – Climbing Magazine | Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Bouldering, Ice Climbing

This 15 minute read explains the emotions and science behind fear and the ways anybody can overcome fear, whether it’s small or life or death, just by understanding the situation and the facts.